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GEM Fellows I-Corps

Sponsored By:
The National GEM Consortium
The Great Lakes I-Corps HUB
University of Toledo

University of Akron
The National Science Foundation

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GEM Fellows I-Corps


Begins: June 18th, 2022
Initial session from 9 am-Noon

Tech-Based Projects Only

- All Natural Sciences

- Engineering
- IoT, IT, & Software
- Advanced Materials & Engineered Products
- Renewables, Environmental, & Clean Tech

- Medical & TeleMed

- Healthcare & Healthcare IT

- Medical Devices

- Life Sciences & Pharma

- Any and all other related topics

Grad & Post-Doc Benefits

  • Qualified for National I-Corps Teams Program Application

  • Startup or Licensing Opportunity 

  • Concentrated time to develop your interpersonal skills

  • Access to an alternate career path, potential equity position, and monetary gain

  • Increased knowledge as you learn about the fundamental principals of a business model

  • Priceless exposure to expert teachers, investors, VCs, Mentors, and others

  • Learn about the real-world potential of your idea/tech

  • Increased probability of future grant success; SBIR/STTR success rate of >50% (!)

  • Makes you more employable on teaching/research/industry/University path

  • In the future, you're better able to identify the increased commercial potential for your technologies

  • Quicker elimination of non-commercial research tracks


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